Our Mission

First Step Community Empowerment (FSCE) mission is to address societal ills and social equity with viable resources that lead to self-reliance.  

FSCE strives to exceed all expectations by providing quality workforce development services for unemployed/underemployed individuals, dislocated workers,  justice-involved persons, comprehensive job placement assistance, social/economic development, capacity building, and resource referrals.  


Workforce Development Services

FSCE provides workforce development services/ job placement assistance for justice-involved individuals and others.  FSCE will vet each person before an employer referral is given.  


X-4 Success


The term ex-offender is broad and is directed at any individual that has something on their criminal background whether a misdemeanor or felony which includes some traffic violations. The term 'ex' is defined as something 'formally' done in the past. This is not a negative connotation due to over 10 million Americans are employed with something on their criminal background and is normally predicated on occupation vs. offense. 
Some employers are sensitive, understand everyone makes mistakes and decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.
Stay Encouraged!!!


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